Launching Aura Talk

A new community site for Aura

I’m launching Aura Talk, it’s available here. What is it? It’s a community site, built on Discourse (which is awesome software, check it out if you need a forum). I’ve found that as Aura grows in users and complexity that I need something better to co-ordinate everything.

I’ll be using it do things like:

  • collect bug reports
  • run betas and collect feedback on the next version of Aura
  • post full release notes (as promised for v4)
  • post quicker, smaller updates on my progress
  • talk to this amazing group of users
  • post support and help documents
  • and just generally to make Aura as great as it can be

In an attempt to make it effortless to login, there’s no need to create an account. All authentication is done through your Google account, full details here but the TLDR is that you only need to have used Aura before, and the trial will do.

Head over to check it out, it’s going to get busier over there soon.