The Essential Gmail app for Mac

Instant Notifications

Deal With Mail Instantly

Beautiful Dark Mode

Find Anything

All Your Contacts

All Your Inboxes

All Your Inboxes

Instant notifications and sync for every Gmail account you have

Add up to six Gmail or Google Apps accounts and get notifications for all of them

Designed for macOS Mojave

Dark mode and eight color themes

…and much more

Instant Notifications

Unified Inbox


Powerful Search

Thread Counts

Starred Messages

Important Messages

Native for macOS

Multiple Accounts

Designed for Gmail

Smart Categories

Archive Messages

Delete Messages

Mark as Read

Dark Theme

Blazingly Fast

Sent Messages

Forum Messages

Search by Contact

Color Themes

HotKey Support

Fluid Resizing

Auto Start at Login

Filter Notifications

G Suite Compatibility

Encrypted Data

Keychain Support


Keyboard Shortcuts

Multi-Touch Gestures

Join the community and have your say on features, bugs and improvements


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Security & Privacy

No personal data collected

No analytics or tracking

Encrypted connections and data

Our simple privacy policy

Used daily by the world’s best companies

and countless amazing people

For macOS High Sierra and Mojave

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